Judith Trepp

About my work

The paintings are made with egg tempera and oil on linen or with oil and acrylic; the ink drawings on handmade Indian paper. I also work directly on the wall (interior and exterior). The small models for the sculpture I make by hand in thin steel. The finished pieces are fabricated in brushed stainless steel with auto paint. I work cyclically within these three mediums: in all the same “hand-script" is present.

In describing my work I use the term "Organic Minimalism." Implicit in this designation are my artistic roots: Abstract Expressionism, an important artistic movement from my original home in the USA, and Konkret Art or Minimalism, the culturally predominant art of German speaking Switzerland where I now spend the major part of each year. These movements have been intertwined in my work resulting in a very individual artistic perception. I am committed to making art with emotional directness, deliberately using the minimum of means –lines, color and texture--thus subscribing to the adage “Less is more.” Another way to understand my paintings and sculpture is that each is concerned with the emotional division of space. In this space total movement joins active stillness.