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Site-Specific work offers a unique interaction with an pre-existing visual, technical, and/or historical situation.

The textile work for Lowenstrasse Synagogue in Zurich (1992) was conceived in relationship to the historical Bauhaus inner-architectural elements. In Haslisberg, Switzerland (1998) the main task was to bring the delicate colors but strong elements of this mountain landscape into the apartment complex by creating a three- story wall painting for the stairwell area and long wall painting in the garage. The industrial complex in Thalwil, Switzerland (2004) had been part of a defunct historical textile factory. I was given the commission to create a 9-meter wall painting for the main outside wall and the color concept for the entire complex. POST Harkingen (2008) was a juried competition for a very large mail distribution center that had difficult logistic problems and emotional environment for its employees. I was one of four finalists--with an integrated concept of four wall paintings for inside space and one floor painting for outside.

Wall Painting, 2004

Thalwil, Switzerland
Mineral Paint on Exterior Wall
POST Harkingen (2008)
Wall Painting Restaurant
mineral paint on interior wall